Back in the Saddle

We’ve been away for over a week on vacation and while it was a lot of fun, I did miss riding my GS. This week has been pretty rainy during the day so I haven’t had a chance to ride it until this evening. Riding off for a very quick 15-minute cruise was super-fun! The bike felt so nimble and easy to ride. The controls felt natural and shifting was a breeze. It’s the best taking off out of my garage and up our inclined driveway while standing. So simple but feels so good. And during the ride I didn’t really have to think of riding procedure either. In other words, when I was accelerating I just thought about getting up to the right speed as opposed to “twist throttle, let off throttle, pull in clutch lever, toe-shift up, out with clutch lever while matching throttle”. All that procedure was done without thinking. Also, when coming up to a stop, the braking, downshifting, and stopping was all so smooth that I could focus on traffic and other drivers. I was actually kind of surprised that it seemed so effortless! Even though motorcycling is always a learning experience (as I have heard and read), I think I just completed an important step towards safer riding. Now I can focus more attention on situational awareness and enjoying the ride and less attention on the mechanics.

Oh, and I can get into my ATGATT gear in less than a minute, plus change the helmet faceshield in a few seconds!

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