I’ve got the Supercub fever again


I think I have decided on a color for my supercub… grayish green. I don’t know how to describe it. Heh, I don’t have to describe it! Here’s a picture so you can see for yourself:


Anyways, I have the supercub fever again. Tonight I am going to clear out space in the garage that is right now occupied by the Ikea boxes and set up my supercub restoration space. smile Here’s a link to my old supercub page. I guess I should update this too! And forgive the duplicate post there… thanks!


While looking through a scooter messageboard, I found a link to these pictures of scooters and motorbikes around Tokyo. When I got down to the bottom of the page, I found a great picture of a supercub all set up for ramen delivery!

I had explained this vehicle to several people, but now I have a picture of the real deal. There is also a picture of a supercub that looks to have been modified to accomodate a surfboard.

Honda Solo

This is a new design with an old concept. Based on the Supercub (49cc), this is part of Honda’s “N Project”. Click here to read the entire press release from Honda. It’s pretty cool because you can customize some parts and colors when you order it, to mix ‘n match to make your own style.

“In addition to the three standard colors, Matt Flat Silver Metallic, Monza Red, and Parrot Yellow, the Solo is also available in a total of 285 color combinations through the Color Order Plan, by mixing and matching tanks, frames, and seats.”

I think you should get one Kusunoki-san!

Finally got the Supercub (C70)

Today I got an email from a lady here in Austin saying that she had a 1980 Honda C70 for sale. I went over there to take a look, and it wasn’t in very good shape, but the price was right for a fixer-upper. The frame looked good, and it has most of the parts. Plus, her husband delivered it to my house in his truck. I am a little apprehensive about fixing it up, but it should be fun. There are lots of parts available for this model, and since I have no timeline other than a couple years, I can afford to wait to find good deals on parts. I will have plenty to do to fix her up cosmetically (sanding, painting). I was about ready to buy a 1962 Honda C50, but at the last minute I am cancelling that (I feel kind of bad because the person who I was buying it from is really nice and was going to help with the shipping).

I have started a page to track my Supercub project here.

Supercub Coming?


I think I am getting a 1962 Honda C100 (Supercub)! The condition is not so great, and will need a little fixing up, but that is exactly what I wanted. The picture above is a 1961 C100. The one I am trying to get is black, but I want to paint it blue with light blue fairing and fender like in my earlier post. It also has a two-person seat, but I want to replace it with a single seat, then get a little rack over the back fender. I will post pics as soon as I get them…

Honda Super Cub (C70)

An old obsession of mine is back! When I was in Japan, I fell in love with the Honda Super Cub. There were a lot of cool variants, for instance, the Press Cub (for newspaper delivery). These motorbikes are so uncool that they are supercool. Here’s a link to the Honda website in Japan that has the super cubs. Here in the States, they are hard to find and expensive. I am hoping to get lucky and run across one in the classifieds. If you know of one for sale (cheap) in Austin, let me know!

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