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The fender that arrived for my C70 should fit on nicely. The mounting holes on the top are placed differently than on the original fender, but the forks actually have bolts in the correct place for the replacement fender as well, so it should work out. The only problem is that I only have about an 8’x4’ space to work on it in the garage. The rest of the garage is filled with our moving stuff. I need to stop by Home Depot to buy some bags of dirt to make my homemade motorbike jack to lift the front of the bike up. Then I can change the front tire,
and replace the fender at the same time. Speaking of the fender, the color turns out to be a really nice dark greyish-blue. It is actually one of the colors I was thinking of painting the bike, so I guess it’s decided. I shouldn’t have any problem finding a matching color at the auto parts store. The photo above is what my bike will look like. I am even going to paint the side covers white to match the legshield. I just need to search for a luggage rack like the one in the photo, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find since they are still produced in Japan.

The other night I decided to take the C70 out for another spin. The cub turned over and started right up, but then it died after about half a minute. I couldn’t get it started again, so I wheeled it back towards the garage. Before I actually put it in, I decided to try one last time, and lo and behold, it started up. This time, the bike’s weight and/or metal mass was enough to trip the entrance gate, so I was cruising around the neighborhood in no time. It was about 85°F out, so the wind felt really good. It is so much fun to ride, even if it’s only at a rather tame 30mph. I think it could probably hit 40mph easy, but I will wait until I put on the new tires before I try. I also need to get a new chain, because the one that is on it now is stretched and rubbing against the chain guard. I also fixed the right rear signal: the bulb wasn’t contacting the wire properly. Anyways, the ride was tons of fun. I rode around the old neighborhood, since it is not busy at all and I can have the whole road to myself. I am getting used to riding it, and shifting is becoming second nature. My friend Chris told me a bit about the correct way to apply pressure to the brake on a motorcycle, so I kept that in mind when slowing down at the stop signs.

The list of things to do are:

Fix speedometer bulbs
Fix front brake lever switch
Replace chain
Adjust pistons
Replace tires
Replace fender
Replace petcock

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