Closer to the Ground

Looking Out Over Inks Lake
Looking Out Over Inks Lake

I’m pretty lucky that I live on the edge of the Texas Hill Country, which has some really fun roads to ride. This morning I rode 1431 from our house in Cedar Park to Marble Falls, then up to Park Road 4, which goes past Longhorn Caverns State Park, and then on to Inks Lake State Park, where I took these photos. It was so much fun, that I turned around and rode the same way back home, and made it in time for lunch! It was a total of about 150 miles round-trip and a fantastic way to spend a Saturday morning.

Kiki Resting
Kiki Resting

Besides being a lot clearer, my new glasses make it seem like I am a lot closer to the ground. Too bad it didn’t make my legs any longer! I still need to take care when putting my foot down at stops. 🙂

Sunday Ride

On the Road Again

Went for a nice Sunday ride a little north from my house. It’s a route that I enjoyed before and the weather was good, so I knew it would be a good little trip. The highlight of this route is from Maxdale Road, south of Killeen, heading west. Along the way, I took a small road that roughly follows the Lampasas River. After that, I found a gravel road which was a lot of fun to ride.

Getting Dirtier

I got Kiki kind of dirty, but I think a dual-sport motorcycle should not be too shiny and clean. Kiki is getting a little grimy because of the ATF lube, but it’s not causing any damage or safety issues.

Ride - 2013-05-05

A fun ride, one that I will definitely be doing again when I am up in that area.

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