CR 220/Maxdale Rd.

Maxdale Rd.

I’m lucky to live close to a lot of nice riding. I decided to take advantage of this and just head up north and wander around. I keep my GPS on the map screen and if something looks good, I’ll take it. In this fashion I found my way up to Briggs, then towards Oakalla, and then making a right on CR 220/Maxdale Rd. This road is pretty cool. A nice scenic and relaxing ride and no one on the road. Plenty of trees and cows. I am kicking myself because I missed a nice photo of some cows taking a drink out of a semi-dry creek. I’ll have to go back sometime.

Co Rd 220

I made another right onto Wolfridge Rd. and headed south. Again, no cars at all but I did pass a few bicyclists and we waved at eachother. There were several ranches on this road and I saw plenty of goats, cows, a horses. I stopped to take a few photos and have some water.

Horsies along Wolfridge Rd.

After that, I picked up 195 and headed back home through Andice and south on Reagan Blvd. back to Cedar Park.


Odo: 90.75 miles
Moving Avg: 43.1 mph
Max Speed: 64.8 mph
Time: 2h 6m

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