Favorite Bikes: Yamaha XT660X Ténéré

One of my favorite bikes ever is the Yamaha XT660Z Ténéré. I think it looks so cool, has a nice sized engine, and I like Japanese engineering. Unfortunately, it’s not sold in the States at this time. Plus I would probably need to grow a couple inches to ride it. At any rate, I can dream! My friend Jeremy sent me a link to some excellent photos of the bike. And below is an ADV rider on his Ténéré in Africa. Living the dream!

One thought on “Favorite Bikes: Yamaha XT660X Ténéré”

  1. I love the small Ténéré. But only 1200 is sold in Japan. I want 4 more inches to ride Yamaha XT660X Ténéré. It is difficult to choose a motorbike fits me.

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