Just Riding Around Central Texas

I haven’t posted in a while now, but I have been riding. Over the Labor Day weekend I put on quite a few miles, heading out to Cow Creek, where I took the video above. It was kind of an experiment to see if I could get some better video with less vibration. I guess it is a little better, but nothing compared to a nice smooth 4-cylinder bike. On Sunday I went out East for a quick ride around Pflugerville. Monday was a longer 103-miler up 183 to Lampasas and back. That was a fun ride and it was actually chilly! I just had a short-sleeve shirt under my jacket, and I had to turn on the heated grips.

Pinhole BMW

This morning I went back up to Lampasas, then rode on a smaller County Road (CR41) which was really interesting, just riding a narrow road that gives access to several ranches and home. I really enjoyed that because you can really look around and take in all the scenery and beautiful sky.

Lampasas County Courthouse

I am loving my motorcycle more with each ride I go on. It’s perfect for slow exploring on the County Roads, but also has enough power to comfortable cruise at 75mph. The seating position is nice to because you can lean forward in a low position if you want to cut down wind resistance, you can sit upright comfortably, you can scooch your butt back if you want, and even stand up on the pegs. So far I’ve put on 2,421 miles on the GS and they have all been pretty great.

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