Goodbye to the Supercub

It was a sad day yesterday as I let my beloved Honda C70 go to a new owner. I’ve had this bike for several years now, rescued it from a really sorry state and got it running and looking pretty good. I also got it legally registered again. I’m hoping the new owner enjoys it! I do think she found a nice new home.

During the restoration process, I learned a lot about motorbikes. Mechanically, I learned how to rebuild and adjust a carb, adjust valves, adjust timing, change sparkplug and points, change a tire, replace a chain, and do some basic electrical diagnostics. The C70 also taught me about riding a motorbike on the road. I got a lot of practice riding on this small bike. It was easy to apply the basics that I learned in the MSF class I took to this very lightweight but capable motorbike. Maybe someday I will get another one but that’s far in the future.

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