Ride to Granger

Today I rode the BMW to the town of Granger, and then around the little lake there. It was an 85 mile trip which was longer than I thought it would be. I took no photos even though I brought my camera. There were a couple places just north of the lake on FM971 that were really cool-looking, but I was having so much fun riding that I didn’t want to stop. Most of the time I was moving at about 60-65 mph and the bike was just cruising along. It’s so nice to be able to go from 50 to 65 with just a simple twist of the throttle, but also you need to keep watch of the speed since it is so easy to just gun it. I did go up to around 80 on one stretch where it seemed safe to do so. That was a blast. I’m also really enjoying accelerating from a dead stop more smoothly than before. The shifting is becoming second-nature now, and I have raised the suspension up from its lowest setting (where I could balance on the balls of my feet) to the normal setting (where I have to tiptoe at a stop). The twisties are so much fun. I love leaning the bike (even as a noob) to take the curves. So neat to have the horizon tilt like that. It’s a unique and cool feeling that non-riders never experience.

From the GPS:

Total moving time: 1:53
Average moving speed: 44.9 mph
Maximum speed:79.3 mph
Odometer:85.37 miles

Map of Granger Lake

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