It’s Warming Up!

Today had a high of 78°F so I was looking forward to a nice evening ride around the neighborhood. And that’s just what I did! It did get a little cold at all the usual lower-elevation roads, but mostly it was pleasant with a beautiful clear sky and bright stars. I rode almost 11 miles, and the bike was running perfectly. I was exploring a couple areas that I have never been in and got lost briefly, but it was fun. Towards the end, I was really booking (as much as a C70 can do) around some fun curves. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

A couple stats from tonight (using My Tracks on the G1):
Total distance: 10.89mi
Total time: 34:05
Max speed: 40.26mph
Average speed: 20.1mph

The odometer reading is now 5,934.8.

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