Fender on the Way

I found a blue fender for a C100 cub on Ebay today. It should fit my bike, but may need some slight modifications, which might be as simple as drilling a couple holes in it. The C70 has I think five plastic body parts: the legshield, front fender, left side cover, right side cover, and lower handlebar cover. With the exception of the handlebar cover, all of those have some sort of damage to them on my bike. The side covers just have small hairline cracks, but I can live with those. The legshield is cracked in a few places, and I will eventually replace it, but am in no rush. The front fender had a crack in the very back, and it was ok, but then during the move, the fertilizer spreader in the garage fell back, and the handle whacked the fender right on top. It actually punched a hole through the top, and cracked it pretty good. I taped it up with packing tape, but it looks pretty bad. Hopefully the new fender will work out nicely.

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