Finally got the Supercub (C70)

Today I got an email from a lady here in Austin saying that she had a 1980 Honda C70 for sale. I went over there to take a look, and it wasn’t in very good shape, but the price was right for a fixer-upper. The frame looked good, and it has most of the parts. Plus, her husband delivered it to my house in his truck. I am a little apprehensive about fixing it up, but it should be fun. There are lots of parts available for this model, and since I have no timeline other than a couple years, I can afford to wait to find good deals on parts. I will have plenty to do to fix her up cosmetically (sanding, painting). I was about ready to buy a 1962 Honda C50, but at the last minute I am cancelling that (I feel kind of bad because the person who I was buying it from is really nice and was going to help with the shipping).

I have started a page to track my Supercub project here.

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