Ride to San Saba

My sister-in-law’s Dad was in town (actually in the neighboring city, San Antonio) and called me up to see if I wanted to go for another motorcycle ride. Last time was a lot of fun, so I checked my calendar and found that I had all Sunday free! Richard arrived on his BMW R1100 RT and we were off. He’s ridden the Hill Country quite a bit so I suggested we head up north a bit.


We rode 1431 again out to Marble Falls and then I wanted to go past Longhorn Caverns but I made a wrong turn. But it was a happy turn of events because the road we traveled on was really interesting and relaxing. Just one of the many Texas backroads I love to explore. After that we swung up past Inks Lake State Park (another fun ride) and then up the west side of Lake Buchanan. We stopped at a little convenience store in Bluffton and had lunch (great BLT and Chopped BBQ sandwiches!) and then continued on through Llano, then to Pontotoc and across to Cherokee. This was a really fun stretch of road with a nice elevation change and past some really interesting ranches. Lots of money out there!

Two BMWs

Richard’s RT was running low on fuel so we headed up to San Saba an filled up. From there it was down Hwy 16 through Llano and down to Hwy 281 where we split up and went our separate ways. It was a great ride and lots of fun talking with Richard. I can’t wait until our next ride!

10-23-2011 Ride Route

Odometer: 277.54 Miles
Moving Avg: 52.7 MPH

Good Deed for the Day

I went for a quick half-hour ride this afternoon and I saw a motorcyclist on the side of the road duck-walking his cruiser. I did a quick u-turn to see if he needed any help. Turns out he just got a new Harley, overestimated the range of his new bike, and ran out of gas. But all was well because his wife was on the way with a gas can. He was only about a mile away from the station! We had a good laugh and then I was off.