New Summer Gloves

I bought a pair of summer gloves to replace my old Motoboss gloves. Motoboss is (was?) the CycleGear house brand, and it seemed fitting to replace them with the new house brand, BILT. Turns out that the Women’s Blazer gloves fit so nicely, looked pretty good, and were the right price ($14.99) that I bought them without a second thought. The durability is somewhat suspect, but it’s not like I’ve put my old gloves through hell or anything. What I really like about the fit on these is that there is about half an inch of extra space in the fingertips. My Motoboss gloves are pretty snug, and unless my nails are cut really short, the tips of the gloves would press on them and they would be sore by the end of the ride. With these new gloves, I can keep my unkempt nail length and not worry about them. 🙂

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