Month: April 2012

New Summer Gloves

Some day, viagra buy story I’d like to ride my motorcycle around Big Bend National Park. It looks so fun. Check out the video below by YouTube user LoneStarAdv.

I bought a pair of summer gloves to replace my old Motoboss gloves. Motoboss is (was?) the CycleGear house brand, adiposity and it seemed fitting to replace them with the new house brand, find BILT. Turns out that the Women’s Blazer gloves fit so nicely, looked pretty good, and were the right price ($14.99) that I bought them without a second thought. The durability is somewhat suspect, but it’s not like I’ve put my old gloves through hell or anything. What I really like about the fit on these is that there is about half an inch of extra space in the fingertips. My Motoboss gloves are pretty snug, and unless my nails are cut really short, the tips of the gloves would press on them and they would be sore by the end of the ride. With these new gloves, I can keep my unkempt nail length and not worry about them. 🙂

Wildflowers and a Flat

Well, information pills pills I finally had my first flat tire on the bike. I was on the return trip of a really great ride when I felt the rear of the bike get a little squishy so I pulled off to the side of the road and into the parking lot of an antique store. Sure enough, ambulance the rear tire was flat. I put the bike up on its centerstand and rotated the tire to find the cause of the problem and it turned out to be a nail, medications about two inches in length. Luckily the shop owners were really nice and offered to find someone to help. After a few phone calls, we decided to take the wheel off, then drive down to a tire shop in Kingsland to have a new tube put in. I actually have all the tools required (including extra tubes) to fix the flat, but since help was generously offered, I accepted. It took a couple hours to get it sorted out, but the repaired tire was mounted back on the bike and I was on my way home. It’s funny, but I rode over 6,000 miles on my previous set of tires without a problem but only after a couple weeks of having new tires, I get a flat! But, I do consider myself lucky that it didn’t happen way out in the boonies, or while I was riding the Saddlesore 1000. BTW, if you are using tubed tires, I recommend taking spare tubes and not just a patch kit. The nail I ran over only made a tiny hole in the tire, but ripped a huge v-shaped hole in the tube. Definitely not able to be patched!


Aside from the flat, the ride that day was pretty great! I rode a bunch of miles on gravel roads and saw more wildflowers than I’ve ever seen before. It was really amazing! I’m not going to elaborate much more, but here are some photos and a video to look at. I love taking the back roads!





Wallace Creek Road

3-24-2012 - Ride Route

Odometer: 220 Miles

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