Motorbike Podcasts

I enjoy listening to podcasts while commuting to work, and especially motorcycle-related ones of course! The three that I really like are Sidestand Up, The Wheel Nerds, and The Pace Motorcycle Podcast.

Sidestand Up: This is my absolute favorite. Tom Lowdermilk and his team of correspondents put on a great show, with excellent guests, regular (or semi-regular) features, like racing news, AMA news, etc. Although they talk about all kinds of motorcycling, they tend to have on a lot of “Adventure” rider and world-touring type guests. For instance, Jay Kannaiyan, Ted Simon, The Striking Viking, etc. The show is on every Tuesday evening, and they have a fun chatroom going on when the show is live. I make sure to download the episode on Wednesdays if I miss the live one.

The Pace Motorcycle Podcast: I’ve just begun listening to this one, but already I am hooked. They are pretty low-key and very intelligent. Really good subjects and fun guests. These guys really know their stuff!

The Wheel Nerds: These two are a lot of fun! They have a great time with their podcast and have a fresh outlook on motorcycling. Their segment where they talk about various Wanted Ads is hilarious! I really like this podcast, but sometimes they are so energetic that I need to take a break from listening. I really enjoyed their interview with Ted Simon. Well done!

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