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I ran across an amazing ride report from DaveG last night. He’s currently on his RTW trip on a Suzuki DRZ400. Before that, he rode his BMW F650 GS from Texas down to Tierra del Fuego. Incredible! I was doing a YouTube search on “Austin Motorcycle” and found an old video of his in which he and a friend go off-road for the first time on their DL650 Vstroms. It’s so interesting to see the progression from that video, to the trip to the tip of the South America, and even more exciting to follow his travels around the world. I really envy and admire travelers like this. I’m so glad that he shares all this on his blog with good gear lists and bike info. Great stuff. Good luck Dave!

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  1. Hey Barron,
    Got the pingback from wordpress and saw your post. Thanks for the kind words. It is wild to think back of the days of riding through central Texas as my first attempt to explore a little bit offroad.

    I dont think I’d like to take the wee-strom of the roads I’ve been doing lately!

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