New Jacket

I ordered a new jacket, and it finally arrived! It’s a Firstgear Rush Tex and is very comfortable. I thought about getting the black version, but the brown looks pretty nice, plus I will probably get some black pants eventually so the tan/brown will look good with it. It’s a shame that my helmet looks so massive!

It’s Warming Up!

Today had a high of 78°F so I was looking forward to a nice evening ride around the neighborhood. And that’s just what I did! It did get a little cold at all the usual lower-elevation roads, but mostly it was pleasant with a beautiful clear sky and bright stars. I rode almost 11 miles, and the bike was running perfectly. I was exploring a couple areas that I have never been in and got lost briefly, but it was fun. Towards the end, I was really booking (as much as a C70 can do) around some fun curves. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

A couple stats from tonight (using My Tracks on the G1):
Total distance: 10.89mi
Total time: 34:05
Max speed: 40.26mph
Average speed: 20.1mph

The odometer reading is now 5,934.8.

Cold Night

I went for a night ride a little while ago. It’s about 48°F out and my legs are now frozen. I was wearing a rain jacket over my regular jacket, so I was warm up top, but my face is frozen. Was a lot of fun though. The idle was set too low, so it died a couple times when I came to a full stop. Adjusted the idle screw back at home, and now it’s idling nicely.

One thing you notice when riding on two-wheels is that you are much closer to the environment you are riding through. Last night there is a stretch of road that dips down lower than most areas, so riding through it gets really cold. It feels as if you opened the fridge door or something. Also, that section of road goes alongside some kind of stable, where horses are kept.  So there’s a strong animal smell (yuck).