Lone Star BMW Run

I had a few hours free today so… I took a little trip to Lone Star BMW to check out the bikes. The staff there is really helpful, answering all the questions I had and offering good advice. Unlike Woods Fun Center, there isn’t any hard sell pushed on you. I like that. You can tell that these guys love bikes, and are all BMW enthusiasts.

I spent several minutes on all the bikes, especially the F650 GS and G650 GS. The lower suspension models fit perfectly, and the regular suspension F650 GS was good too. It’s a shame they didn’t have a regular suspension G650 GS for me to sit on… I’d have to say the G650 GS is the bike that felt best. It’s also the smallest GS BMW makes, and good for beginners and smaller riders. I’m keeping my eye open for used F650 GSs (the single). I’ve been obsessing over it for a couple years now. Gotta trade up from my C70 soon!

Going to Sell My C70 Soon

I just want to do a few more things to my beloved C70 to get it a little nicer, then put it up for sale. I really want to get a bigger bike, and one of the conditions for me getting it is to get rid off the supercub. So, I want to work on the compression a bit so that it starts up easier (I think it’s a compression problem), then work on the paint a bit more. Otherwise, it’s ready to go! Clean title and all, which is somewhat rare for a 1980 C70.