Class: CM

That’s on my temporary driver’s license. It means I can legally operate a motorcycle! I was only planning to renew my regular license today, then study the little Motorcyclist’s Handbook before taking the test at a later day, but after waiting an hour at the Texas Department of Public Safety (DMV to you non-Texans), I said to myself, “I’m not waiting here again” and I decided to just take the motorcycle test. I figured that the info from the MSF course was still fresh in my mind, so I had a good chance of passing. The test was done on a computer, with 20 total questions. You can skip questions, and they will be repeated later. You only actually need to answer 14 right, so I skipped a bunch, and answered the easy ones first. I then came back to the ones I skipped, answered three of them correctly, and the test ended, indicating that I answered 14 correctly (100% correct) and I passed. Woohoo!

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