It’s Alive!

I went home at lunch to work a bit on my C70, and guess what? It finally started up! When it came to life, my heart skipped a beat, it kind of scared me. Hehe. But it would only run for about 10 seconds or so before dieing. And there was a funny hissing sound coming from the exhaust, sort of like a pressure cooker. I suspected that the old muffler was clogged, so I straightened out a wire hanger and used it to clear the junk that was stuck in there. I think some wasps had made a nest in there… Anyways, after that, it started up so easily, and idled nicely. There’s a small screw on the side of the carb you use to adjust the idle, and I got it dialed in pretty good. Since I inflated the tires the day before, I decided to give it a go down the street. It shifted great into first and second, but I didn’t put it into third gear yet. I’ll wait until I get new tires and a helmet. But I am stoked that it’s running!!!!